As a tactic in the ongoing civilian aircraft subsidies dispute between the US and the EU at the World Trade Organization, the US government has proposed a preliminary list to tax about US$11 billion worth of products exported to the US from the EU.  The product list includes two sections, one focusing specifically on products from France, Germany, Spain and the UK, and the other includes a wide-range of consumer goods (foods, drinks, textiles, handbags, etc.) from all 28 EU member states.  On April 17, 2019, the EU launched a public consultation period on a preliminary list of products from the US to be considered for countermeasures.  The proposed list includes a variety of agri-food products, aircrafts and chemicals, among others, that represent about US$20 billion in US exports to the EU.

Our colleagues George N. Grammas, Wolfgang A. Maschek, Robert MacLean, Jane Haxby, and Ludmilla L. Kasulke have prepared an update on the proposed tariff lists, including key highlights from the lists, the potential impact of the tariffs to the transatlantic business sectors, next steps in the regulatory process and how we can help.  The update may be read here.