Running WomanIn our last two posts (here  and here), we discussed the most recent supply chain litigation trend:  litigation based on companies’ California Transparency in Supply Chains Act disclosures.  We expect these cases to increase over the next weeks, months, and years, and predict that they will be expensive and distracting for companies that have to face them.
Please join us for a 30-minute “Boot Camp” discussing “Everything You Need to Know About Supply Chain Litigation Based on California Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosures and Other Supply Chain Public Disclosure Statements” on September 15, 2015 at 3:00 EDT.  We will talk about what companies, industries, and supply chain practices pose the most risk, and how to avoid facing these lawsuits by instituting robust compliance programs.  The presenters in this short program will be Sarah Rathke and Dynda Thomas, both of SPB’s Cleveland office.
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