The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency has changed life as we know it, including by severely disrupting business on a nationwide scale. In some cases, employers have been forced to temporarily close their doors and cease operations, while others have had to make radical changes to the workplace in order to maintain operations. For nearly two months, employers have had to make these adjustments in response to the unprecedented circumstances the pandemic has caused, and employers now face many more months of uncertainty ahead, as the economic consequences continue to be felt by businesses of all sizes.

Now, as our collective attention turns to the next phase in the pandemic, with relaxing of stay-at-home orders and efforts to reopen the economy, employers must assess and evaluate dozens of employment-related issues as they plan for a post-COVID-19 work environment that may look quite different than any we have worked in before. To help employers identify those issues, we have prepared an “Employer’s Guide to Return-to-Work Issues: COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.” This Guide identifies health and safety, wage and hour, leave of absence, payroll, compliance, and other issues to be considered before resuming, or fully resuming, operations. Read the full guide below.