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A Problem That Can’t Seem to Get Cracked

Cracked iPhone screens.  The consequence of the finger slipping, circus-like juggling, slow motion crashing down of the one device that keeps you connected like none other to the digital world. Apple has been trying to find a solution to this literal kink in the armor of the world’s most popular smartphone since its release close … Continue Reading

See Our Interview on Talking Logistics!

Sometimes at the Global Supply Chain Law Blog, we talk to others in the industry about the legal aspects of developing successful supply chain relationships.  This week, we were fortunate to be invited on Adrian Gonzales’ “Talking Logistics” show.  We talked about the recent case of GT Advanced and Apple and what companies can do … Continue Reading

Running With The Big Dogs in Supply Chain Relationships, Part II (Or, A Product’s Components Have To Work Together) (Or, The Thigh Bone Is Connected To The Knee Bone…)

In our last post, we talked about the catastrophic demise of the Apple/GTAT supplier agreement.  One of the problematic legal aspects of the Apple/GTAT relationship that we discussed was the difficulty of negotiating a full-scale production agreement before product development is complete.  Until development is finished, parties to a supply chain agreement cannot know with sufficient … Continue Reading

Running With The Big Dogs in Supply Chain Relationships, Part I (Or, Why My iPhone 6 Screen Isn’t Made Of Sapphire) (Or, If You Ain’t Made It Before, Don’t Bet The Company On It)

One of the bigger supply chain legal stories of 2014 came out of the apocalyptic demise of the supplier relationship between Apple and GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT), a New Hampshire based company that Apple chose to supply sapphire for use in the new iPhone 6 screens. Before Apple met GTAT, iPhone screens were made of … Continue Reading