Sometimes at Global Supply Chain Law Blog, we get a helping hand from our colleagues around the globe.  Today, we have a helpful piece by Matt Grellier, an associate in our Manchester, UK office.  This post concerns an article that Matt and others published in the UK that reviews a recent UK High Court decision concerning the UK’s version of the Battle of the Forms.
Battle Abbey

In Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd v Needs Ltd [2015] EWHC 269 (TCC), the High Court addressed a a “battle of the forms” scenario — that is, a fight over whose terms and conditions should prevail in a commercial context.  In that case, despite 20 years of commercial dealings between the parties, the court  found that neither party’s terms and conditions were incorporated into the relevant purchase orders!
The attached article, entitled, “Parties fire blanks in ‘Battle of the Forms,’” summarizes the decision and sets forth tips to help businesses avoid costly skirmishes over whose terms and conditions apply in the UK.  Enjoy!