Face maskThe coronavirus is fast becoming a global concern, with the potential to significantly impact supply chains on a global scale. Over the last few days, our Labor & Employment and Intellectual Property & Technology teams have produced a series of blog posts to help you navigate any potential risks to your business:

Coronavirus and Trade – The World Health Organization has the power to make non-binding recommendations as to how countries can successfully contain coronavirus, and this can include advice relating to trade.

Coronavirus and Contractual Penalties – The coronavirus outbreak may result in increased force majeure-related claims under commercial contracts, as well as a further risk of customers seeking to enforce various penalties in connection with supplier failure or delays arising from coronavirus-related issues. We provide a reminder of the UK law in that area, looking at the enforceability of penalties and/or limiting liability, and the difference between a breach and a right.

Coronavirus and Force Majeure – A force majeure provision seeks to exclude the liability of one or more parties for events beyond their reasonable control. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on global supply chains is likely to bring such provisions into sharp focus. We look at the top 10 issues to be aware of under UK law for anyone seeking to rely on force majeure protection, or who is at the receiving end of a force majeure defense.

Pandemic or Pandemonium? US Employers Brace for the Coronavirus – Despite (at the time of writing) only a few confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US, there is widespread panic – and paranoia – that the virus will spread. As a result, many employers are preparing for the possibly of employee absences. We highlight some of the steps that employers and human resources professionals can implement to avoid employment-related risk to their business.

Travel Ban Updates: Temporary Ban of Foreign Nationals Traveling From Mainland China Per Novel Coronavirus Outbreak; Additional Countries Added To Travel Ban 3.0 – The US, in particular, has effected various measures to circumvent the risk of a coronavirus outbreak, including a travel ban on certain foreign nationals. We provide an update on the fast-moving developments and travel restrictions related to travel to the US.