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Cross-Post from Law360: How A Michigan Case Could Upend Auto Part Contracts

This is a cross post from Law360.  Please contact Sarah Rathke or Alexis Chandler with any questions. In the US, the UCC Statute of Frauds’ (2-201) requirement that a contract must contain a written quantity term to be a binding contract, has been the law of the land in all 49 states that have adopted the … Continue Reading

Supply Chain Legal Reality: Why The UCC Is Sometimes The Worst, Part I (Or, Who Wrote This Thing Anyway) (Or, Traps For The Unwary)

There would be a lot fewer supply chain lawsuits if Article II of the UCC, the body of law that generally governs supply chain relationships between U.S. entities, did a better job of reflecting the needs and practices of U.S. businesses.  If supply chain partners’ intuition as to where they stood in their supply chain … Continue Reading