Putting supply chain sustainability at the forefront is not only ethically sound, it is essential for an organisation’s value and long-term profitability.  Supply chain sustainability is the increasing practice of monitoring and guiding suppliers to ensure the business’ sustainability values are honored.  In an era where information on businesses’ ethical practices are readily available, customers are holding companies accountable for their suppliers’ social and environmental impact.
In their article on LexisNexis, Ian Skinner and Sarah Rathke provide a guide on how organisations can create and implement an effective supply chain sustainability programme tailored to their business, ensure proper focus on human rights and environmental concerns, combat corruption, and mitigate risks.  The article also sets forth where to look for guidance on best practices and ways to partner with non-governmental organisations for assistance.
The article, “Supply chain sustainability,” can be accessed on LexisNexis here.
Those without a LexisNexis subscription may reach out to me via email to obtain access to the article.