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Preparing for Brexit: Deal or No Deal

We are pleased to have partnered with Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, to conduct research into the concerns of manufacturers for a no-deal Brexit, and to produce this report calling on the UK government to secure a trade agreement that supports the manufacturing industry.  The report highlights the significance of the manufacturing industry for the … Continue Reading

NAFTA Re-Negotiation: How Safe Are Your Contracts?

The North American Free Trade Agreement has brought massive changes to supply chains throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada over the past 23 years. Now, for the first time, the United States has an anti-NAFTA administration, which is moving forward on its campaign promise to re-negotiate the agreement. The details are far from final, but some of the … Continue Reading

Buy American, Hire American – Coming Soon to Impact a Supply Chain Near You

Following up on our previous post on the Trump administration’s renegotiation of NAFTA, the President has taken further steps towards his campaign theme of promoting American industry.  On April 18, 2017, President Trump signed the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.  The White House release states the order was promulgated in response to a February 2017 … Continue Reading

Sarah Rathke speaks to “Talkin’ Cloud” Regarding Channel Stuffing

Last week, Sarah Rathke spoke with Derek Handova for Talkin’ Cloud about the practice of “channel stuffing” in the supply chain.  Channel stuffing is the practice of booking sales before items are actually sold at retail – and is often a form of fraud meant to increase a company’s apparent sales volumes. Channel stuffing happens in … Continue Reading

Coming to America: Foreign Manufacturers Looking to Produce in the U.S.

There’s been buzz about Keer Group lately, the Chinese textile company that opened a cotton mill this year in South Carolina.  China has long been seen as the global capital of textile manufacturing, due in part to their low production costs and seemingly endless supply of cheap labor.  But Keer Group found the rising costs in … Continue Reading

California Asserts Its Transparency In Supply Chains Act (Or, Letters To Retailers And Manufacturers) (Or, Seeing Through Supply Chains)

It’s springtime, which apparently means… that the California Department of Justice has begun what looks like enforcement measures with respect to California’s 2010 Transparency in Supply Chains Act.  If you are a manufacturer or a retailer who has received a letter inquiring about your compliance with this (relatively) new legislation, don’t be surprised.  It is apparently … Continue Reading

Supply Chain Litigation – Presenting Technical Testimony To The Factfinder – See Our Article In The Voice

Almost inevitably, supply chain litigation involves technical testimony.  Most complex supply chain disputes involve contested engineering testimony, design documents, reliability statistics, and financial damages models.  Whether the ultimate factfinder is a jury or a judge (or a foreign court), the factfinder usually does not have a technical background.  Therefore, translating this technical evidence into something … Continue Reading