The UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced on June 25, 2019 that food labeling laws will be changed to introduce full ingredient labelling (including allergens) for foods which are packed for direct sale.  The new requirements will come fully into force in 2021.  Our colleague Nicola Smith prepared an article last August which details the options the UK government was considering and the background to the current proposals, including the categories of products the law intends to cover.  That article may be read here.

A series of Allergies Awareness in Foodservice workshops are scheduled from July to October that will cover the impacts of the new full ingredient labelling law, as well as addressing how food safety law and supply chain awareness are critical to allergen awareness.  These workshops are designed to provide the practical legal knowledge necessary to protect your business and customers.  You can learn more about the workshops, and register to attend, at Food Matters Training.